MPERIA® OEM Marking System Controller

Ideal for OEMs controlling coding and marking system printers while utilizing their own user interface.

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Simple Yet Sophisticated

The MPERIA OEM software controller is ideal for your product line. It’s simple to integrate yet sophisticated enough to delight even your most demanding customers. The controller is available in three individual models: Lite, Standard, and Advanced; each with their own set of capabilities. All variants of the controller can be remotely managed via VNC and integrated by the end user with either XML or Command Line Protocol.

MPERIA OEM Controller - marking and coding automation platform software

Easy to Integrate

Because MPERIA is the only universal controller designed to work with any print technology, OEMs can easily change the printers on the line, per their customers’ needs. One customer might choose a TIJ-based system because of its low capital cost or an application-based need for high resolution codes while another might want valve jet DOD because they want the unprecedented reliability and lower cost-per-mark. All products in the OEM line are much more compact than standard products of the same capabilities, making integration into current production lines a cinch.


Get high-quality equipment for your solution.  The MPERIA OEM universal controller is designed for simplified integration – command protocol, net folder, or xml.


Only use the features you need. Flexible architecture and a library of plug-ins keep integration costs down, even for the most complex configurations. The MPERIA platform has room to grow right along with your product line.


You customers can control one printhead, one product line, or many across the production floor or around the world with the MPERIA OEM controller and your interface.


Six Ways MPERIA OEM Reduces Time to Market While Removing Integration Headaches

MPERIA OEM is the ideal solution for machine builders who desire marking and coding integration. It allows full control from within your user interface in an incredibly cost effective manner.

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True Scalability and Seamless Integration; The Power of MPERIA®

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