Our broad range of inks for every technology are specially developed in-house with high-quality ingredients for optimal performance in our equipment.
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Inkjet Inks

We take pride in creating our inks in-house and being experts in knowing your industry needs. From water-based solutions in a myriad of color options, to FDA-approved inks for both incidental and direct food contact, we have the best team to help produce the ink you need. We are constantly innovating new ink types as regulations become stricter, new applications and substrates evolve, and manufacturing requirements update. Be sure to use Matthews replacement fluids for optimal performance in your Matthews Marking Systems’ printers.

We specialize in:

  • Fast-Drying Solvent Inks
  • Rubber Curable Inks
  • Thermochromic Inks
  • Environmentally Friendly Inks
  • Porous and Non-Porous Inks
  • NO/LOW VOC Fast-Dry Inks
  • Water Removable Solutions
  • Alkali Removable Solutions
  • Mil Spec A-A-208 Inks
  • FDA-Approved Inks
  • Water-Fast Pigmented Inks
Fast, reliable fulfillment.

With global distribution centers and standard 2-day delivery on stocked Matthew’s replacement fluids, we can get you the right ink at the right time, every time.

Innovative solutions.

We are a one-stop-shop for your ink and equipment needs, which means we can partner with you to ensure your equipment and ink are the most reliable total solution for your line.  If we don’t have it, we’ll customize an ink for your substrate.

Quality assured.

Our inks have been tested across a wide range of temperatures and are guaranteed to work seamlessly in all our printers, ensuring reliability for both the ink and equipment running it.

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