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Achieve the highest quality marks while attaining unprecedented control with the broadest, most reliable range of marking and coding solutions available for the steel and metal industry.

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Metal Marking Solutions

Harsh conditions in the steel and metal industry require robust and reliable marking systems that meet the special demands unique to that environment. High temperatures, oily or dusty surfaces, and changing material compositions are just a few of the challenges that can impact the reliability of your metal marking equipment.

Recognized for having the most reliable printing technology and high-temp inks for the metal industry, Matthews provides turn-key and custom-engineered solutions for any kind of mark on any type of metal – from steel pipe to sheet metal to 2D codes, barcodes, large or small character marks, and everything in between. Our deep industry experience and in-house engineering know-how means we can offer the broadest range of quality, scalable solutions for low- and high-volume producers.

Substrates and applications include:

  • Sheet metal
  • Automotive parts
  • Aerospace parts
  • Metal pipe
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Appliances
  • 2D codes
  • Product identification
  • Lot, batch, and ID coding

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) marking solutions for the metal industry

Do you need a complete, reliable metal marking system to integrate into your metal process machines? No problem! Our systems can be integrated into virtually any production plant. We develop customized solutions for you and your customers, ensuring you meet all customer-specific requirements. Likewise, we have turn-key solutions for many applications.

Specialty ink for metal marking

Our in-house ink engineering team are experts in developing specific inks for metal marking. MEK and acetone-based inks are very adhesive and fast-drying. They can penetrate lubricants, coatings and mill scale. Their high temperature resistance (up to 200°C / 392°F or more) makes them ideal for surfaces that are finished by heating. For optimal legibility, we also offer extra high-contrast inks, such as white pigmented ink for marking on dark metals.

High-speed quality.

With Matthews’ portfolio of reliable marking products (inkjet with high-temp inks and laser) you get clean, quality marks at high speed without the vibration and ink issues often associated with CIJ.

Highly scalable.

Whether you need large or small character marking, our solutions are highly scalable with the ability to add multiple printheads to fit your requirements.

Unlimited control.

Unlike other solutions which limit the number of marking products per controller, the MPERIA® platform can control all of your marking equipment, including 3rd party printheads and periphery equipment, regardless of manufacturer. A single interface to centrally manage all marking, while seamlessly connecting to your ERP/WMS/PLC system.

What our customers say

“The MPERIA® V-Series DOD inkjet printer from Matthews has improved our efficiency by 50%. In addition, the system is extremely robust and reliable, requires minimal maintenance and is much easier to operate. We finally have the confidence that we can deliver our customers’ orders on time, every time.”


Javier Espinosa, Plant Manager Sierra Aluminum


Stenciling and Coding Solutions for Metals

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Recommended Products

Automation Platform

Marking and coding automation platform centralizing control of your marking and coding, regardless of equipment technology or vendor.

Drop-on-Demand Valve Inkjet

Robust and reliable large character marking.

Laser Coding

Permanent coding for metal, packaging foils, and plastic applications.


Case Study
50% ROI by Upgrading from CIJ to DOD Marking on Aluminum
50% ROI from DOD upgrade case study
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Aluminum Processor Upgrades to MPERIA® to Meet Customer Requirements
Metal processor upgrades to MPERIA success story
Application Brief
Steel Tube and Pipe Manufacturer Adds MPERIA-Controlled DOD Marking With Pigmented White Ink for Product Identification
DOD product ID application brief
Application Brief
Aluminum Strip Manufacturer Gains 2D Barcode Traceability While Maintaining Production Line Speed
2d barcode traceability application brief

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