Enterprise System Integration

Update messaging to all printheads across all your lines with easy, secure integration of MPERIA® to virtually any enterprise system. No need for specialized hardware or software.
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How We Integrate

Enterprise system integration.
MPERIA netFolder—a shared folder—synchronizes layouts and variable data between MPERIA and your existing enterprise systems. This means you can update messaging to all printheads on your packaging line, with no need for specialized server software or hardware. Optional and custom integration methods are also supported.

Equipment integration.
MPERIA manages multiple devices and print technologies, including Matthews Marking Systems’ high-performance printheads, as well as those from other manufacturers. Choose from our library of existing plug-ins or easily create your own.

Integrate easily.

Integrate with virtually any enterprise system without specialized server software or hardware.


With no specialized middleware required, your data remains secure.

Reduce costs.

With no costly custom software or middleware, MPERIA® helps you save up-front and in the long-term by reducing coding errors.

8 Ways MPERIA Reduces IT Headaches

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MPERIA integration one-sheet

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MPERIA OEM one-sheet

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Automation Platform

Marking and coding automation platform centralizing control of your marking and coding, regardless of equipment technology or vendor.

True Scalability & Seamless Integration; The Power of MPERIA®

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