New Ink Update

Matthews has limited quantities of JAM-4013 Black and DPI-201 Black inks available from stock, and has eliminated further production of these formulas, as we continue to move toward inks that are more universally accepted for use in all valve based printheads.  All current installations using the materials listed above, should be moved to the SCP-700A Black ink as a direct replacement.

The SCP-700A Black ink has been thoroughly tested and approved for use in all Standard Valve, 3000-series, 5000-series, and 8000-series printheads.  The SCP-700A can be introduced as a replacement for the JAM-4013 and DPI-201 inks following the recommended flushing procedure for each inking system and printhead. Purge all old material with cleaner from the system prior to introducing the new fluid and operate as normal.

Any questions surrounding these instructions can be directed to Matthews customer and product services team at 412-665-2500.

 pdf Download the announcement here