Axian IQ Fonts

Superior marking performance.

Axian IQ prints multiple lines of text and 2D codes at speeds up to 3,000 characters per second / 200 fpm – without sacrificing print speed or readability.

Flexible functionality.

Print up to 3 lines of text at 100 x 600 DPI with a user-configurable drop size of 100 to 600 pl.

Superior readability.

Bitmap matrix fonts and scalable, user-added TrueType fonts make your mark perfect.

Print BIG.

Fonts up to .50” (13.2mm) ensure your mark stands above the rest.

Font Examples


Axian-IQ sample mark on orange plastic bottle

  • 3mm throw distance
  • 75 fpm
  • 100 dpi font and data matrix code
  • 9×7 bitmap font

Axian-IQ sample mark on white coated cardboard

  • 8mm throw distance
  • 100 fpm
  • 100dpi (top two lines)
  • 50dpi (bottom line)

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